What About Josh?

Dear Mr. President and First Lady,

          Lord knows how busy you two are running the country and raising children too.  However if you could see your way clear to take a look at this like it was one of your own cases, regarding one of your own family, it would be most appreciated by me and a bit enlightening for you.  You see, this case if one of those "just when you think you have heard it all kind of cases.”   

          I have often tried to summarize this situation to perfection. Here goes: Joshua Stump, a newly turned seventeen year old failed to persuade his friend, Robert Anderson from returning to the scene of a botched car theft where his friend Robert ended up losing his life after taking the life of one of the residents of a rural farm. The local law enforcement and judicial system were up for re-election the coming year and the closest headliner they had was just a little off, on the account that Robert, the young man, who returned solo and did the crime, was dead.  However, since they had later arrested Joshua, who was indigent, they could still get the publicity they needed.  So if after you read this website you decide that Joshua, the other young man was the victim of a "Mystic River" style (assuming you have seen the movie) and judicial railroading maneuvering, then I and what seems to be several thousand Americans, agree with you (note the count on the website).  Bill Maher, a one time supporter of yours, has stated on his HBO show that a publicity campaign can resolve anything.  While I can't seem to get Bill to do it because his ultimate goal seems to be legalization of marijuana which might boost his ratings, I doubt that things would work out so well with a pilot, air controller, police officer, etc.  So what does Joshua, his family and thousands of agreeing Americans need from you: Just ask America: "What about Josh?" (Three words). Can the Oklahoma Good Ole Boys Ostrich Style (heads in the sand) Judicial System hold up to that?  Even thought they were able to do the Justice Shuffle, when they asked the Tenth District Court of Appeals to review the Certificate of Appeal ability they handed down the first time, (ref: website: Order of  Appeal ability), I hope they will have to finally correct their mistake and actually support the American Constitution ( sixth amendment).  The sooner the better (Josh has already been incarcerated for fifteen years).  He is now thirty two years old. It is difficult for him to maintain hope.

      I am sure you're aware that of the 249 DNA reversals, 18 were Plea bargains so obviously judicial misconduct is a reality. By the way, sending this over to the Justice department won't resolve anything either.  Your predecessor did that and the department said they couldn't do anything because Joshua (Josh) was not assaulted during his arrest.
      Josh came up for Parole, sometime between August 16
th and August 20th. It was his second time.  His attorney, Mike Arnett out of Oklahoma City, had said since Joshua had enough time in, he might make it. He was flatly denied at first level without chance of 2nd level advancement, which allows attorney representation in front of the parole board.  I wish I could count the number of times, I thought we were going to get him home. 

Please check it out.  Three words: "What about Josh?" Publicity campaign. Maybe you'll be glad you did.
Thanks for your time.




Ginger Gonzalez

Josh’s Mother

This letter, along with a “What about Josh” T-shirt was sent to: The President and First Lady on November 16, 2010.


This package was sent Restricted Certified Mail via the United States Postal Service. 


A notice was left on November 19, 2010. They were delivered on November 22, 2010.


We have yet to receive a response other than to see three hits from Washington D.C. on Josh's Website.