What About Josh?

“Order Denying Certificate of Appealability”



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EDITOR’S NOTE: We would advise the court , that we notified the Magistrate Judge, on August 08, 2005, after the first report and recommendation, the existence of Josh's website, where the discovery of posted various politician's responding letters dated October 2001 and Jan 2002,  would deem the Magistrate Judge's claim of Josh's Objection start date in 2004 inaccurate.

           She would also have discovered that the more severe counts of Ineffective Assistance of Council, were not discovered by Joshua until 2001.

           We also want the Court  to know, we advised the Magistrate Judge well before her second report and recommendation to remind her once again of the website's existence and it's discovery potential on October 18, 2006.

           That can be confirmed by the U.S Marshall's Visitation Records at the U.S. Western District Courthouse in Oklahoma City.

           Sadly discovery was not made and the same erroneous report was made again.

           We would advise the court, that an unmentioned February, 2002 pre-parole date stayed on the books until January 2002 making Josh and everybody else think that the notice of extended penalty issued in 1999 might not be accurate as expressed by the attorney for the ODC in 2001.

           We would remind the Courts that there is no Statue of Limitations, regarding Ineffective Assistance of Council. There by overruling the out of time deadlines of 1996, 1999 and 2000.

           Finally we would show by the website itself and the U.S. Marshall's Visitations Records at the Western District Court and last but not least the U.S. Marshall's Visitation Records, April 12,13,& 14, 2006 at the Byron White U.S. Courthouse in Denver, Colorado, that we have been doing everything we can, to be diligent.


One More Point of Interest.

           It turns out that on this second time up which was technically  called a review requested by the Oklahoma Attorney General and lower courts, that there was the addition of two more Justices sitting on the panel. Both Chief Justice Henry & Justice Holmes are from Oklahoma. You do the math.