What About Josh?

Pages 91-95 of the March 13, 1996 Court Proceedings


†††††††††† Please note the "Pause in the Proceedings" . That is where Joshua is brought in the courtroom from a holding cell. Therefore he is not aware of the Specialists' reports in his favor or the financial woes of the OIDS, discussed prior to his arrival. He is informed that his Defense needs more time to get ready.
†††††††† He elects to waive is right to a speedy trial in order to give his Defense the time it needs to gather the rest of the evidence to go to trial some four plus months away. Two weeks later he will receive a surprise visit from his STATE APPOINTED DEFENSE ATTORNEY (the one that knows there are no funds to take it to jury), who will persuade (withhold information, misinform, and color coat sentence time),  him into a second degree murder charge with a Seventy-Five Year Sentence,  Plea Bargain. Any Questions?