What About Josh?



The blindfold of Justice appears to be pretty thick. Josh's pre-parole date of 02/2002 did not disappear from the books until 01/2002. This was verified by the attorney representing the Oklahoma Parole Board.

Also Josh was not made aware of the OIDS “dilemma” and the “favorable” Specialists Reports until June 2001 when a new family member, who had more than an eighth grade education, who had not spent almost nine months in solitary confinement, did not have his state appointed Defense attorney withhold, falsify pertinent information and convince him that the only way to save his "Victim of the System" Indigent life was to be coached into a 75 year / 2nd degree murder plea bargain.

Upon this new family member reading the court papers,  they visited Josh in prison, had him recant the post continuance/pre-plea bargain meeting events with his attorney, not once but twice, to verify his findings. And then at that time made Josh aware of how much of a "Indigent Victim of the System", he truly was.
         Last but not least. The Statue of Limitations on “Ineffective of Council” is what?   That's right it's a trick question. There is no Statue of Limitations on “Ineffective Assistance of Council”. Furthermore the Defendant, only needs his council to commit two infractions and we show three, on Josh's web site (the one you and the lower courts  don't want to review), that even your seeing eye dog could comprehend.
         Our question is, when did the “Quest for the Whole Truth”, get removed from the Job Description?