What About Josh?

Editor’ Note

    For the record, Josh’s pre parole hearing was set for February 2002.The fact that 1999 Oklahoma legislation rendered this date out of existence was an unknown even to the attorney for the Oklahoma parole board as late as October of 2001 per my conversation with him over the phone. I remember that I ended up talking with him somehow while trying to keep Joshua from being transferred to a prison further from Texas. Had nothing to do with his parole date. Besides not being able to help in that department, he asked me what the big deal was as according to his records Josh was coming up for pre parole in February o2. We refer everybody to “Letter from the U.S. Senate”. Note that Senator Nichols’ letter is dated January17, 2002. Also, note on “who all has seen this”, that the Senator is not the first name on the list.  The bottom line is that while the official appeals process did not start until economic times allowed, the battle to correct this judicial error had begun early 2001, starting with the politicians and the media well before Joshua’s first pre parole hearing. In addition, we are calling for exoneration and expungement, not just early release.

            The politicians said it was out of their jurisdiction (he is not related to any of them) and the media has said so far, that to many releases would have to be signed (the state has so many blankets covering this it would take a million moths to uncover the truth.) Regardless, of the last paragraph, do the math.