What About Josh?

Editor’s Note:


Let us see if we understand this correctly. 


     The Criminal Court of Appeals is affirming denial of this Post-Conviction Relief because the district judge didn’t read the support briefs or bother to discover the testimonials of his own court proceedings in this particular case before denying it.


     Joshua did not appeal this decision within 10 days after the Agreement of the Plea bargain. This was due to the fact that his information withholding, misinforming, STATE appointed defense attorney told him that he was looking at the death penalty because the courts would believe Mr. Moucka’s testimony over his.


     It would be 8 years before Josh would find out that three of the specialists had already reported in with findings that Mr. Moucka’s testimony was not accurate.  A fact that should have been revealed to him by his “so-called attorney” prior to the plea bargain agreement, when the attorney visited him in the County jail ,Where Josh was waiting to go to jury trial July 22,1996 and convinced him to plea bargain.