What About Josh?

Excerpts from Mark Fuhrman’s Book,

 Death and Justice:

An Expose of Oklahoma’s Death Row Machine


 Before going to trial, Mitchell’s lawyer, Jim Rowan, had offered to plead his client out to murder but not rape, if the victim’s family asked Bob Macy nor to seek the death penalty. According to the Scotts’ civil attorney, “Rowan was sure that Mitchell would admit to everything except the rape. Br keeps insisting he didn’t rape Elaine. However, Mr. Rowan did say that if Mitchell knew he would be getting life without parole in this deal, he may then admit to the rape.”


Editor’s Note: It seems that josh’s case is not an isolated incident with the practices of the STATE appointed defense attorney.  For the record, it was proven later on in “Oklahoma V. Mitchell-(1991)” that Mitchell had not raped the woman. 


Is this just another example of going through the motions?