What About Josh?

This is the BOTTOM LINE!!!


     The bottom line is that Joshua Stump is serving a 75-year sentence for a crime from which he withdrew and in which he did not participate.  Yes, in desperation at the age of 17 he entered a plea of guilty to second degree murder, a plea that was the result of many unduly oppressive factors. 


     He faced a relentless prosecutor who threatened the death penalty, though by the prosecutor's own admission the scientific testing of the evidence favored Josh (see the transcript), a fact borne out by the test results which linked only Robert to the crime scene (see the test results posted on this site). 


     Pressure came as well from Josh's own under funded counsel who failed to explain in detail to Josh that the evidence was exculpatory in his case.  Another factor leading to the plea was the promise of an early parole, a promise that has proved false. 


     Due to his youth and all of the circumstances, Josh's plea simply cannot be deemed voluntary, and justice has unquestionably been denied.


     In open court Josh's attorney advised the Judge that Josh "wants to go forward with a trial team that's prepared and aware of all the evidence."  Consider the absurdity of his further statement that his "boss" "has not given permission to spend any money in this case," a case in which Josh's life was literally on the line. 

    In light of these facts, how could a 17 year old naive and inexperienced young man be expected to do anything but succumb to the overbearing plea bargain offer to save his own life, regardless of how unjust the result. 

     His innocence is established by the record and the evidence.  He has now served years in prison for a crime which he did not commit.  Neither did he assist in nor aid and abet the offense.  He is innocent, and it is time to RIGHT THE WRONG!