What About Josh?

Webmaster’s Remarks


Hi and welcome to Josh’s Website.  I wrote this site to help aid in the release of my brother, Joshua Stump. 


Josh was wrongfully accused of a crime in 1995 and has sat in one Oklahoma Correctional Facility after another for almost 9 years.  Is this the fate that Oklahoma delivers to a 17 year old boy who was smart enough to leave the scene of the crime before it became “the scene of the crime?” 


Basically what it boils down to is that a decision was made that drew the line between legal and illegal.  On one side you have Joshua Stump, a teenager that decided that returning to a unknown person’s residence in the Oklahoma Back Country with a shotgun was probably a bad idea.  And on the other side of this line you have Robert Anderson, who apparently did not consider this to be such a bad idea. 


Now at that point in time, no crime had been committed.  The boys simply came to the house looking for help due to car trouble.  Granted this may be have been a excuse to “case the establishment”, however, at that time no crime was committed.  It is when they departed the residence after obtaining a quart of oil when the line between legal and illegal was drawn.  Joshua refused to return to the residence armed.  This displeased Robert, but did not detour him from returning and committing a heinous crime, which cost him his life and the life of another that very night. 


You see, Robert returned to the house armed with a 12-gauge shotgun, not aware that on the inside the residence, the older couple, slightly startled by the late visitors, had also armed themselves just in case of.  This turned into a shootout where two people were killed, including the suspect and one injured who was the owner of the residence. 


To me, this is where I figure out why Josh is where he is. 


The only man who could be LEGALLY held responsible was killed in the incidence.  Now who can Oklahoma hold responsible for these crimes? 


Well I guess Oklahoma can kind of just pick somebody, because that is pretty much what happen.  Josh and Robert parted ways before the incident.  Robert went back to the house with the intentions of burglary and Josh started walking back to the road, where the car was parked.  At this point, Josh had no further involvement in the nights transgressions.  So how LEGALLY can Josh be held accountable for the tragic events that occurred in early July, 1995?