What About Josh?

Mistaken Identity

 By Penny Owen

 Staff Writer

 The Daily Oklahoman



 Lincoln County authorities arrested a 17-year old suspect Saturday in the fatal shooting of a Meeker

 woman and wounding of her fiancée during an overnight altercation.


 Another suspect, Joshua Stump, was shot to death outside the rural Sparks home where the assault



 Authorities were called about 1 a.m to the residence between Meeker and Chandler, where

 they found Kitty Knight, 56, dead inside of a gunshot wound


 The owner of the home, Herbert Moucha, 62, was also found inside suffering from a gunshot

 wound. He was flown to Presbyterian Hospital and was listed in good condition Saturday with a

 wound to the right hand, said Kym Koch, spokeswoman for the Oklahoma State Bureau of

 Investigation. Knight and Moucha were engaged to be married, but only Moucha lived in the home.


 Lincoln County Sheriff A.T. Brixey said the assailants apparently approached the couple for help

 with a disabled vehicle.


 Somewhere in the process right there, the shooting erupted, Brixey said. He said the victims were

 shot with a shotgun, and Knight apparently returned fire with a handgun, wounding Stump.


 He ran about 50 yards and fell dead in the driveway, Brixey said. The other suspect was being held

 in the Lincoln County Jail late Saturday. Were not going to give out any more information on this

 until we've examined all the evidence and until the crime scene has been thoroughly processed, the

 sheriff said.



 Joshua Stump was not the suspect that was shot.  He, actually, was the suspect that was arrested

 the next day and held at the Lincoln County Jail. Robert Anderson, the suspect whose name was

 not initially released, was the suspect who returned ALONE to the Moucka’s home and was shot and

 killed.  Joshua never returned to the house a second time.  He was arrested almost 16 hours later in

 the next town.


 The Scenario:

 You live in Gainesville, TX, a Red River Suburb North of Dallas.  You are considering relocation to

 Oklahoma.  Imagine picking up the Sunday issue of The Daily Oklahoman, Oklahoma City’s widely

 circulated newspaper, reaching all the way to most of the Red River towns in Texas, including

 Gainesville, TX.


 After scanning for jobs and available homes you happen to peruse another article that read that

 YOUR SON was SHOT TO DEATH in an apparent robbery attempt the night before.




 Now imagine the next 5 hours, under the assumption that your son is dead, frantically trying to

 contact anyone with more information, without luck.  A knock at the door reveals 2 local sheriffs at

 your door informing you that your son was a suspect in a murder investigation and had not in fact

 been shot the night before.


 This article was printed in complete error and disregard by THE DAILY OKLAHOMAN on 7-16-05.